Cork Footballers 2018

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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby Twohands » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:24 pm

I agree with that Ranty and particularly that the game has moved on so much since 2010 that those systems would not work. But until we learn to tackle and defend and until we bulk up to take the hits we can design all the triangles we like, we won't be winning any matches. We found a system that would get us two goals Ina few minutes against Kerry this year and still took a record beating. The quality of some of the handpassing this year was shocking too. To the point where I began to wonder if it was some tactic to deliver low passes to somehow draw a foul! We have lots to do but hopefully at least this year we aren't kidding ourselves that we nearly beat Mayo so we aren't far off.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby langerinexile » Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:55 am

I was at Croke Park on Saturday and was in the Upper Cusack, I don't think I have ever been at semi-final with such a poor crowd that didn't involve the Cork footballers. Have no doubt, the fair weather Dublin supporter and the fair weather supporters of the sides they meet are voting with their feet now. It was like being at a meaningless league game rather than an All-Ireland semi-final.

Anyway I am going off point, Again I am finding myself slighty disagreeing with Twohands and Ranty. Galway in the first half ran at Dublin in a vein very similar to the Cork side of 2008-12 and were causing Dublin problems, they were however woefully inefficient in front of goal, the wides tally at half time had Dublin ruthlessly efficient and Galway anything but. I thought to myself that the Cork side at their peak would have caused Dublin serious problems going forward. That said I totally accept, Ranty and Twohands points that the method left us open on the counter. That said Dublin never broke at Galway at speed, they didn't have to, they sauntered up the field and scored at their leisure.

on a final point, we await a very one sided football final I fear.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby Brady1 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:03 pm

Heard from a few different people that the management and players from this season met on Saturday to plan for next year, heard that a number of players were dropped. Anyone shed any light on this or is it a rumour?
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby Ranty » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:35 pm

I doubt the truth of that rumour Brady but welcome aboard.
Apart from anything else it would be almost impossible to gather the troops on a sunny Saturday in August.
Defending the McGrath Cup is hardly a priority for Ronan McCarthy.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby stfrancis » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:34 pm

Brady1 wrote:Heard from a few different people that the management and players from this season met on Saturday to plan for next year, heard that a number of players were dropped. Anyone shed any light on this or is it a rumour?

Would love to think they have mapped out a way forward etc but any chance of a few changes or at least a few new faces on the management team? selectors who have played in the last 20 years, a coach who has a real track record and maybe a look at the s and c situation for a start.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby oileanach » Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:12 am

Lads, what is the verdict on this? All the sound bites are there to give a person, who is unfamiliar with how the cork county board deal with issues, an element of positivity. I assume that this is the beginning of the sweeping of issues within cork football under the carpet.

If, it was a case that the CCB really did want to make positive change, the famous "sub-committee" would have included some former players who really do care about the future of cork football - some of the recent retirees would be a good place to start. Dan Goulding and Paddy Kelly in particular. We can see from Paddy's articles he's an articulate fellow who thinks about the game not only tactically but the game as a whole. Dan also a fine candidate. Any man who played with him comments on his work rate on the football field. His academic achievements should prove that this ethic does not only apply in football terms and would be a great addition to a sub-committee that does want to build for the future of football in cork. ... 62261.html

By John Coleman

At last night’s meeting of the Cork County Board, chairperson Tracey Kennedy announced the formation of a sub-committee to look at and improve the long-term future of Cork football.

She informed the meeting that the board executive had listened to the views of many vested interests and had met to discuss all aspects of football in Cork, from strength and conditioning, the role of post-primary schools, coaching structures, and the structures of the county championships. It was agreed that a long-term plan was required as opposed to a quick fix.
Elements of Cork’s strategic plan will be covering many of these items including a pilot coaching scheme that will see more coaches working on the ground in Cork.
Kennedy herself will chair the sub-committee and will be joined by three people who are familiar with all facets of Cork football.
Two of the three are already in place and the trio will be announced in the next few days.
There is a three-month timeframe in place for the committee to report back with its findings and recommendations while clubs and individuals who want to contribute to the process were asked to submit their ideas before August 28.
Kennedy also announced that Cork will be looking to appoint a full-time strength and conditioning coach to oversee the plans for all inter-county teams.
Football was the main focus of the meeting as there was an in-depth discussion on the state of football nationally and an expression of what rule changes would help improve Gaelic football as a spectacle.
The hand-pass, the black card, kickouts, time wasting, and the possibility of zoning the football field were all discussed.
Views on old chestnuts such as limiting the number of hand-passes, the banning of passing the ball back into your own half, and a form of sin-bin replacing the black card were all aired.
There was widespread approval for kickouts having to go beyond the 45m line, though there was some sympathy for the goalie facing the elements on a windy day.
At the start of the meeting, Kennedy presented Michael Russell of Aghada with the All-Ireland intermediate hurling trophy as the players and mentors of that team were celebrated.
As pointed out by Frank Murphy, it was a particularly sweet victory for Pat O’Connell, from Delaney Rovers, as it was the seventh time that he had served as a selector on an All-Ireland-winning intermediate team.
John Meyler was congratulated on the performance of the Cork senior hurlers this year and while there was disappointment with the loss against Limerick, there was consensus that the team are on an upward curve.
Best wishes were also expressed to Denis Ring and his U21 hurlers in the upcoming All-Ireland final against Tipperary, though the 5.30pm timing of the fixture at the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick was a point of frustration.
On the fixtures front, Diarmuid O’Donovan informed the meeting that dates for the next round of the county championships will be circulated to clubs today.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby greatbleddyman » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:08 am

A subcommittee to identify a panel who can report to a third committee, to come back to the original committee with non binding recommendations for the 2023 AGM
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby tipp-ex » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:13 am

tipp-ex wrote:
Dorcha wrote:I note that it will be Tuesday August 14th before proposals are brought to the county board meeting proper. Should be interesting to see what they propose. At least some effort is being made at last.

Absolutely nothing will come out that meeting. I wall last 1 hour and 2/committees sill be set up by the unusual suspects.

Sorry now but I'm bumping up my prediction from last week.
SOOOOO predictable. That how we roll in Cork GAA
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby tipp-ex » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:16 am

And why were they talking about the state of the game nationally? Wtf? Isnt that to be debated before Congress? Jesus Christ we have our own problems and they're debating what a goalie is to do when kicking the ball into the wind?
The mind boggles
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby greatbleddyman » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:29 am

That's always what I think. They are great conversations for the high stool but not what is important here

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