Senior Football Club Championship 2018

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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby donal66 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:05 am

Any chance Cahalane might concentrate on the big ball in 2019 !
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Podsy » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:14 pm

Lurker wrote:Commentators predicted 3 mins of injury time in the first match. The board threw up 5 and Haven eventually equalised closer to 7. Was this as farcical as it sounds Podsy or was there some justification? Either way, fair play to the Haven for not giving in, seven points down, a man down and playing into the wind I believe. The much maligned Cahalane is a loss to the footballers, no doubt. McSweeney got three from play for Duhallow, did he not throw his hand up? Still only 19/20.

My recollection was that the time added on was more than deserved, and that another minute or so was added to that which, again, was deserved.

The only possible grumble Duhallow might have that I spotted was that Cahalane might have been blown for barging in the build-up to the last score but I wasn't very close to it so I wouldn't swear either way.

I thought McSweney played well enough and look forward to seeing him play again.

Agree with you and Donal that Cahalane is a loss to the footballers.
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Lurker » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:25 pm

Thanks Podsy.
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Sinbin » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:04 pm

donal66 wrote:Any chance Cahalane might concentrate on the big ball in 2019 !

Always felt he was more suited to it to be honest.

I've always felt football was a more natural fit than hurling for him.
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Sinbin » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:11 pm

Podsy wrote:On the one hand, an entertaining day of football, on the other hand a worrying day as a Cork fan.

Not one established player today turned a head, not one newbie stuck the lámh up and screeched "pick me", and we suffered the same old weak-ass refereeing that produces the sane old weak-ass players.

The refereeing first, so. Every bit of contact whistled but the hard calls dodged. The result was hauling and dragging but no aggression. In modern-day Cork football you can, and will, foul every thirty seconds and get blown every one hundred and twenty, you will do it regularly to stop any actual football being played and maybe your management will use one of their six robot subs begore you exceed your farcical collection of ticks, chats, warnings, yellows, blacks and reds. But you will have stopped all football being played (and you will have rolled around a fair bit looking for frees yerself).

Cork refs have to get together and decide if they are going to allow this trend to destroy Cork football as it has destroyed other sports.

Next, newbies. No-one stood out over the two games to me as a potential Cork player. That's not to right anyone off, every day is different. Slightly disappointing, though, that we didn't come away buzzing about one possible star.

As for the established stars, a mixed bag:-

1) Haven - Collins should have run the ar$e off Walsh but just stood beside him. He was quiet and ineffective as a result. When Haven moved him away from Walsh for the last 10-15 into corner forward then he took off and swung the game. Brian Hurley was isolated by Haven's tactics, I thought, and is still clearly feeling his way back from injury, they got very little ball to him. Michael Hurley was far more dangerous but also isolated, slightly more effective. Cahalane was monumental once they moved him to centrefield. Colossal. The only Inter-County performance on show today.

2) Duhallow - Crowley on Michael Hurley was a good match-up before Crowley got back-carded.

3) Ross - No-one of note. The old heads played very well and wisely in the first half, but the entire team faded in the second. I just do not like their style of football, to be honest, but you have to admire them as competitors.

4) Barrs - Sherlock was rushed and erratic in the first half, clinical in the second. Won the game for the Barrs. Maguire stormed into it in the last quarter, played the percentages well, drove on, won loads of frees (looks for the frees too often as my wise old companion said today) but was quietly impressive. Sam Ryan continues to impress.

Overall, an uninspiring day to be a Cork GAA fan, I felt.

Thanks for the summary Podsy.

Deflating to hear that out of 70 odd players there was nothing new or promising to get encouraged about.
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby CORKFAN » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:36 pm

Great post PODSY might have come away a bit more positive than you only a bit more ! Anthony O Connor just back from injury and Eoghan McSweeney are well able to kick long range scores I think they should get a chance ..I liked the look of Mark Hodnett of Carbery Rangers maybe a bit heavy but lots of football strong lad two greats points as well ..very good fielder ...but of course Cahalane would be a huge addition alright but aint going to happen.....Stephen Sherlock deserves special mention this guy has it in his locker to be a top intercounty forward and I am glad that Ray Keane is developing him at the Barrs kicked 5 bad wides in the first half but he is maturing took on those kicks in the second half... a good bit to go yet but is pure natural forward we have got to bring him forward and with a bit of patience I am excited by this guy
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Ranty » Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:55 pm

Good analysis there Pods.
As to those holding their hands up for a red gansey I though McSweeney from Knocknagree was probably the only
new face but Bart Daly Newmarket is probably worth a trial or two during the league in a deep defensive role.
We need defenders more than attackers.
Sam Ryan (Barrs) once again showed that he is intercounty class and if Maguire could only kick the ball now and
again he would be the complete midfielder. In spite of that he was the main man for the Barrs yesterday and with
his battering ram style of play he won many of the frees converted by Sherlock.
Young Colm Barrett was listed at No 13 for Barrs but only saw about 10 minutes action as a late sub, but in that short
time he showed enough drive and bravery to mark his name as a future Cork player.
Castlehaven's leader and captain Mark Collins was well and truly shut down by Duhallow's crowding and fouling tactics
but they got away with it because of inept refereeing. He was caught in possession far too often and as Podsy said,
his influence wasn't evident until he was moved closer to goal.
No need to repeat what has been said here already about Damien Cahalane apart from saying of the 80 odd players
I saw yesterday he was the most comfortable on the ball and looked at home with the liathróid in his bachall.
A shame that he's not wearing red later, but we live in hope.
He got his team a replay but I wouldn't bet on them winning it.
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Ranty » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:07 pm

Tweet from Hohn Tarrant Duhallow

Hectic week ahead,
Saturday: Co. JAHC sf Newmarket v Cloughdubh, Mallow 4pm;
Co. SFC sf replay Duhallow v Castlehaven,Pairc Uí Rinn 8pm;
Co. JAFC 1/4F Replay Boherbue v Kilmacabea,Kilmurry 2pm; Tuesday:
Co. JAFC 1/4F Dromtariffe v St. Michaels,Mallow 7.30pm. .@DuhallowGAA
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Sinbin » Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:34 pm

The reports I've seen of the Haven v Duhallow replay suggest it was a seriously high quality & entertaining contest..."high quality" & "entertaining" being two terms not commonly associated with anything Cork football these days. Of course, "high quality" and "entertaining" are not the same thing but neither do they have to be mutually exclusive.

Still, its encouraging to hear reports of a what seemed to be a very good contest. Anyone at it to give a first-hand account??
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby greatbleddyman » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:56 pm

Often high quality and entertaining are mutually exclusive

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