Senior Football Club Championship 2018

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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby tipp-ex » Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:24 pm

Duhallow 3-13, Castlehaven 0-16
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Ranty » Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:02 am

A fine evening for football and an almost full house due mainly to the hurling followers of Kilbree and Russel Rovers who stayed on
to watch the football. I was hoping they would scamper and allow me to get my favourite seat in the back row of the main stand. No such luck.
P O Laoire from Kilmurry saw fit to award Castlehaven 24 frees over the hour (11-13) and incredibly the Haven boys only fouled 8 times
over the hour. (3-5). A 3 to 1 imbalance tells it's own story and P Kearns and his coaching people have shown how to win dirty. His silly trick with jersey numbers should be stopped pronto. Seamus Hickey wore 13 but played 14 and Ml Vaughan the reverse. We didn't know if Anthony O Connor started or not as the tannoy (sic) system was completely drowned out by three giggling schoolgirls right behind me in those front pitch-side seats. It appears as if they never met before as they ranted and rambled on loudly in duet form. I was tempted to turn round and ask them to lower the volume but didn't, lest I be accused of groping or other aggressive sexist attack. :lol:

I didn't see the first replay last week but did see game No 1 and the free count in that game had a similar ratio. Haven got 29 frees and Duhallow 12. When I see shells, I guess eggs.
It wasn't a dirty game and Kevin Crowley saw BLACK 20 mins in. His replacement Kevin Cremin (Boherbue) did more than enough to suggest that he should have started.
If O Laoire enforced the rules as laid out a few more lads in rusty jerseys should have walked. Might be a free or two that I missed but that's still a strange and telling statistic in an otherwise enjoyable game.
Donncha scored 1-3 ( all frees) and kicked 2 wides in a game where he was a proper No 11. He wasn't being marked by Damien Cahalane who spent most of his time a mid field and anywhere else that needed his commanding presence. His brother Conor listed as a sub did start and is no slouch either.
Duhallow led 1-1 to nil after 5 minutes courtesy of Donncha. I didn't see who or why the penalty was given but Donncha slotted it like a pro. He's still a class act and is a huge loss to Cork football. Castlehaven were on the back foot from then to the end and never got closer than 4 points. At half time it was 2-7 to 0-7 and Duhallow were against a slight breeze in the 1st half, not that breeze or wind makes much difference these days.
No 17 Jerry O Connor Boherbue started and scored a beauty from play as well as 2 or 3 from frees. Seamus Hickey scored 1-2 and will give the Barrs defence a few headaches.
Eoghan McSweeney wasn't at his best last night and tried a few miracle shots that could be costly another day.
The two McLoughlins played well but No 5 Lorcan O Neill Kanturk is surely worth a look by Ronan McCarthy in the new league as well as Cremin.
For Castlehaven, Damien was king but they have too many players not quite up to senior standard IMHO. Mark Collins scored 7 points (5 Frees) but was well marked and fouled by Duhallow whenever he looked like opening up their defence.
No 11 Roland Whelton didn't start but appeared in the 40th minute and made a difference. The horse had bolted at this stage and even though they came within 5 points with 5 minutes left, they never looked like winning or closing the gap.
On the positive side, Brian Hurley did well with limited possession and scored a couple of classy points. He may well return to form by league time and with brother Michael also buzzing, they might lift the gloom over Cork football later on. ( I can dream, can't I?)
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Dorcha » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:37 pm

Nice one, Ranty. Your reports are the best, local colour and all. You don't get that from the Examiner. There's nothing like a real supporter's report.
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Ranty » Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:31 pm

Dorcha wrote:Nice one, Ranty. Your reports are the best, local colour and all. You don't get that from the Examiner. There's nothing like a real supporter's report.

Thanks Dorcha...............must go look for a cure for this addiction ;)
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Podsy » Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:54 pm

Fine report, Ranty. Sorry to have missed this game but this makes up for it.
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby jbm1 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:39 pm

Excellent game of football (for a change) and well done to the Bars...Tough luck on Duhallow, they had a few chances to drive on, but
the Bars stuck to their task and were deserving winners in the end of a fine game.. Maguire was simply immense in the middle of park and
drove his team on all day...33 years since the Bars won a county and this could have been their 8th time losing a final in a row, so well done
to all...A great club with a proud tradition...ICongrats
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby tipp-ex » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:20 pm

Good for the barrs, happy for them
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby Ranty » Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:03 am

The Barrs today proved that a good club side will nearly always beat a good divisional side. It was a very enjoyable game of football 3-14 to 2-14 says it all. Plenty scores and lots of good football by both teams.
Maguire was incredible and drove at the Duhallow defenders all day. Having said that, Aidan Walsh had one of his better games and on today's showing he will be a loss to the county team. They weren't marking each other and both had significant influence on the game.
Sherlock score 1-9 (9frees) and the other goals were scored by wing back Colin Lyons and wing forward Denis O Brien.
Jamie Burns started at No 3 instead of Glen O Connor and got himself a Yellow card early in the game for a footblock resulting in a penalty converted by the ageless Donncha. Barrs were led by 1-3 to 2 points after 10 minutes and it didn't look good for them. A bout of smashing good football and three or four lightning fast passes put Sherlock free and he made no mistake. A really good goal and we knew then that we had a game to savour.
Duhallow led at half time 2-7 to 1-7 after Seamus HIckey finished off another bout of good passing by Duhallow. They were playing into the city end and with a little breeze or should I say zephyr.
The second half was nick and tuck until near the end when Doyle the Duhallow keeper made a horlicks out of a restart and no better boys that the blues to punish this. They scored 1-1 in rapid succession to go 3 points up with 5 minutes ( +3 extra) to go. Donncha came out foraging for ball and got it on his own half back line. He was tackled hard by two boys in blue but managed to deliver a delightful kick of at least 50 yards into Hickey who was fouled for a tap over free. They came again and got another tap over free and there was only a point between them with 2 minutes left. Barrs were very good with their subs introduction towards the end and Barrett and Finn made a huge contribution at this stage. A couple of hard earned points in extra time got them over the line.
Had to feel sorry for Donncha as of all the footballers I have seen he is up there with the best and deserves a county medal. On the other hand Shields finally gets his hands on a medal and he deserves some praise for his contribution to Cork and his club.
The game was played in a fine sporting manner and ref David Murnane from Macroom had an easy time. He did get a few calls wrong but overall he was fair to both teams.
It was a mighty performance by the Barrs when you consider they were without intercounty man Sam Ryan and future star Myers Murray.
From a Cork point of view we didn't see any new talent emerging, apart from Sherlock's improvement and increasing ability to win 50/50 ball. With Sam Ryan returning and perhaps young Murray they might rattle the Crokes later on if they meet. For now though, the celebrations will ring out loud in the land of the blues and there won't be a cow milked in Togher tomorrow. :lol: :lol:
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby CORKFAN » Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:33 am

Great win for a great Club missing a few key players yet were clever with the subs ..Maguire MOTM and some players with a gallant Duhallow have got to be looked at and can I ask Ronan McCarthy why they got rid of Aidan Walsh like you say did not mark Maguire yesterday but was outstanding like Maguire and remember Walsh has played more games than anybody but gets better with more games anyone watching that great game would say Aidan and Ian with plenty games together would make some midfield but not our boys ..sad for Donncha and Walshy but delighted for the Great Sheildsy and the brilliant Ian Maguire ...on a side note I was told Myers Murray did the cruciate but I see him walking around without crutches yesterday hopefully its not that serious ??
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Re: Senior Football Club Championship 2018

Postby breweryboy » Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:13 pm

thanks for that report Ranty, terrific stuff.
Happy for the Barrs, a good club with some fine people involved throughout, and down through the years. I can still remember the last one they won in 1985 (beating Clon by 4 points, despite Clon keeping them scoreless for the second half, the less said about the first half the better :D ). It's incredible to think they've had to wait 33 years for the next one, I'm sure they'll really enjoy it. Lovely picture in today's Kerry Examiner of the final whistle with John Kerins looking toward the sky - I'm sure his Dad is a hugely proud man looking down on him now. Delighted for Shields and also for Robbie Mahony who has given huge service to the Barrs.
A pity that Donncha didn't get his county medal. Duhallow deserve great credit for the consistency of the effort they put into the senior championship year after year, they have a huge passion for football in that neck of the woods.
Interesting reports on Aidan Walsh's performance - his dip in performance since he first burst onto the senior scene in 2010 is disappointing but I still wonder is our football squad really that good at present that we can disregard him for 2019?.

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