Cork U21 Hurling 2018

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Re: Cork U21 Hurling 2018

Postby jbm1 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:04 pm

Worst manager of the year who had probably the best set of Cork players as this disposal for close on 20 years goes to........
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Re: Cork U21 Hurling 2018

Postby Dorcha » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:10 pm

Premier 1 Under-21 hurling championship semi-finals

Fr O’Neills 3-23; Blackrock 0-13

Midleton 1-18; Douglas 1-17

Conditions were a bit mucky, but at least the air was dry for both matches.

We arrived at just half time in the first match to find Fr O’Neills leading Blackrock by about 10 points. Throughout the second half O’Neills continued to blitz Blackrock, so there was no chance of any comeback. Blackrock tried all right, but O’Neills were just too powerful for them. They’ve got better with each match and will take some stopping now.

Because it was so overcast, the floodlights were switched on prior to the second match. While the warming-up was going on before the game began, there seemed to be an unusual amount of seagulls flying around, about fifty or sixty in number. When the announcer asked people to stand for the National Anthem the seagulls descended to the ground and the whole flock of them stood there before the stand while it was being played, except for two or three disrespectful hooligans who swooped and glided around just above them. As the last chords were played, they rose again into the air.

Douglas started very impressively, while Midleton seemed sluggish and easily bumped off the ball. By about the 15 minute mark Douglas were 8 points ahead, their goal coming from Shane Kingston, who simply brushed a few Midleton defenders aside to score from a narrow angle. It was starting to look ominous for them.

However they didn’t fold and started to get more into the faces of Douglas, creating more possession for themselves. Still they were hitting a lot of wides, a few of them from simply through too much hasty shooting. And Douglas matched them point fopr point, finishing the half 6 points ahead.

Midleton started the second half better, scoring the first three points. About halfway through the second half, they jumped into a one point lead with a goal, scored by Garvan Manley. It came from a high lobbing ball which I believe the Douglas back thought was going to drop wide, for he failed to contest it. Manley kept his eye on it, caught it, turned and struck it as he fell, just a foot from the end line. The ball struck the Douglas goalkeeper and ran along to line to finish up just inside the left post.

After that that it was tit for tat. 4 minutes injury time was announced, but in the end, the referee played 9. Midleton lost the lead and regained it again during that time. Then they had about three wides before in the 7th minute of injury time a Douglas shot was waved wide at the other end. There was a long delay while the referee went in to consult the umpires and one of the linesmen, before finally accepting the first verdict. Nearly another minute was played after that, but Midleton weren’t going to give Douglas another chance.
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Re: Cork U21 Hurling 2018

Postby Dorcha » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:53 pm

Fr O Neills 3-24 Midleton 4-18 AET.

Rather like the game against Douglas, Midleton got off to a poor start, and found themselves five points down before they started to make an impression on the game. An early goal gave O’Neills a cushion which took them to, half time when – with the help of a goal of their own - Midleton were a point in arrears.

Midleton had the first chance of the second half, but sent the ball wide. From the puck-out, O’Neills went straight up the pitch and scored another goal, following it up with a point and Midleton found themselves five points behind once more and with a mountain to climb all over again. To give them credit, they stuck grimly to the difficult task and a goal halfway through the second half saw them jump into a one-point lead. But they failed to capitalise and several more wides, from placed balls and play, let O’Neills off the hook – if indeed they were ever on it!

Fr O’Neills were like a well-oiled machine; they handled the ball well, delivered crisp passes and took their scores with relative ease. This was compared to Midleton who were under constant pressure throughout the game and were almost never allowed clear chances.

The Midleton backs struggled to clear the ball under this pressure and found it difficult to work space for their forward players; yet anything which was cleared hastily and long usually came straight back in.

With time running and a goal now necessary, a Midleton player heading for the goals was rugby-tackled to the ground. As they waited for the free to be taken, both teams - with the exception of the Midleton goalkeeper - flooded the O’Neill’s goalmouth and some pushing and shoving started, which eventually descended into a short brawl and resulted in red cards for two O’Neills’ players. The low shot was deflected into the net and extra time was on.

Although they were a point up a half time in extra time, Midleton might just as well have saved themselves the bother, a O’Neills scored a third goal, which effectively ended the game. In the last few minutes of injury time of the second period of extra time, it seemed as if every one of Midleton’s puck-outs was won by O’Neills and sent back in, sometimes straight over the bar. midleton did score a very late fourth goal, but from the puckout O’Neill’s won a sideline ball and after it had been taken, the referee blew the final whistle.

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