Cork Hurlers 2016

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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby tipp-ex » Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:35 pm

leesider wrote:Even after seeing it on TV a few times I still can't tell if Kilkenny's first goal was legal.

Indeed and every single pundit I've seen or read bar Eoin Kelly on Setanta didn't commit to it being a throw
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby hurlerontheditch! » Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:01 am

Great performance last night relative to the 3 previous anemic outings.
Caveat, one swallow a Summer doesn't make. It MUST be followed up with performance in 7 days. A win next Sunday isn't the be all and end all but we must show that we can play at that level consistently. Otherwise last night will mean nothing.
Some great performances last night. Collins should be our No 1 going forward. Forget about that last attempted clearance, he was outstanding all-night. Joycey showed what he's about. Our best option for centre back. One minor criticism, he needs to look up field before he clears his lines. Has a tendency to clear aimless ball straight down the throat of unmarked opposition.
Stating the obvious here but given the right ball Harnedy is unmarkable. Mind you, in a one off championship game KK would never allow him the space he had in front of him last night.
Few if any bad Cork performances last night but room for improvement with many. And if we get that improvement, who knows what the Summer might bring.
But first things first. A performance next Sunday is a must.
Matty Hislop
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby Matty Hislop » Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:45 am

Great site lads. I enjoy logging on an dreading peoples different views and opinions.

Great performance last sat night by cork. They tore into it from the throw in and never gave up the fight. It was a pity KK pipped it in the end. Apart from the last puc blunder, Collins was very effective in goals. Ok he didnt have to make much saves (credit to the backs) but his distribution was quality and we got a few scores directly from his puck outs. Id put him ahead of Nash at the mo.
Corks backs were solid with Joyce and McLoughlin the pick of the bunch. Although Walter Walsh did limit Lorcan's influence when he moved over on him in the second half. Joyce should never of let Ried catch that ball for KK's second goal. The ball was hanging in the air which usually suits the back. This is where one expects to see Sully's dark arts come into play. i still think cork need to learn to tackle properly. they gave away too many frees, some needless as kk lads werent going anywhere. Reid scored 10 points from frees, that is simply inviting a team back into the game.
Some of the forwards had their best game in a long while. O Farrell harried and fought all night. He seemed to work way more being further out the field. The 12 wides is still a worry and some of those wides were very scorable. KK only had 3 wides as far as i remember.
Harnedy was excellent again. But if they are going to hit him with as much ball again we need someone to respond to the breaks. Seamai won most ball cleanly on sat but in another game he might break a lot of that ball and Cadogan could be best suited to pounce on any loose ball.
The performance was a great boost but it matters little if they cant repeat it v Tipp. lets hope they can kick on from this now. rebels abu
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby BluffersAlley » Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:54 pm

cahirofcork wrote:
Turenne wrote:Commiserations to the lads. Finally a decent half-back line performance.

Would be even better if they got rid of McLoughlin out of it, he's not related to a wing back or a defender for that matter.

What a joke of a post, IMO McLoughlin is one of the best players we have, he was one of the best midfielders in the country a few years back, I'd love to see him back there.

Patrick Collins was excellent, distribution was very good, one mistake aside.
Cahalane looks to be our best option at full back at the moment. obviously he has struggled in many games over the last few years but Joyce needs to stay centre back.
Couldn't believe Bill Coopers miss near the end, criminal altogether.

The bad thing is we only have 2 games left, 1 vs Tipp and relegation final and we haven't a clue at what our best team is, Especially the spine of the team the only one nailed on is Harnedy at FF, Goalie FB CB Midfield and CF all up for grabs
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby topoftheright » Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:49 pm

Great game to be at on Saturday night,while defeat in the end was hard to take I think it was all about the performance going forward.We should have went in at half time a few more points up but Hoggie and Lehane hurried a few shots that resulted in bad wides.We started poorly in the second half and left KK back into the game. But we drove on again especially Christopher Joyce and our midfielders and our half forwards kept the KK half backs honest.Was surprised the Cork sideline left Lorcan on Walter Walsh as he dominated the play on that side of the field.Must compliment Patrick Crowley our keeper who had a fine game,his puckouts and clearances were very accurate and came well off his line to help out his defenders by taking the pass back.He made one mistake in trying to setup a Cork attack to win the game and fair play to Brian Lawton (the player he was trying to find,not sure of this) on the final whistle he ran nearly the lenght of the field to console Collins.What an honest and hard working player Lawton is.Well done rebels onwards and upwards.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby Sinbin » Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:38 pm

[quote="Matty Hislop"]Great site lads. I enjoy logging on an dreading peoples different views and opinions.

Presume you mean "reading" as opposed to "dreading" Matty!!?? Either way, welcome to the party. Good first post too, all valid stuff.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby mathuna » Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:53 am

I'd be interested in people's perspective on the upcoming Tipp match. My own is that we should give a run out to fellas who haven't had a clear run so far - like S. Murphy, Conor Sull, Egan, Cormac Murphy, Cronin, Haughney, Leahy, Cadogan and maybe Dean Brosnan to see how they perform. Leave the 'big' performance for the playoff (hopefully against Galway as we owe them more than one). Others have said, with perfectly good justification, to lay a marker down against Tipp and go for it in the same way as last Saturday night. I wouldn't but I'm not the manager. You expect a level of performance but I wouldn't be giving Tipp a full close up just yet of our Championship team and tactics.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby Turenne » Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:04 am

Think we need to set a precedent and reward work ethic, which means starting the same team bar maybe Cadogan for Horgan. Time to get some momentum and confidence going before the relegation final, which is an important game imo.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby Turenne » Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:56 am

Apparently management had a six hour 'crisis meeting' last Monday night.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2016

Postby topoftheright » Tue Mar 15, 2016 8:45 am

Definitely would not show my hand against Tipp next Sunday,championship against them is not far away,and hopefully its Galway we will meet in Relgation Final as we owe them the 'mother and father of a bating'.

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