Cork Senior Hurling 2020

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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby bronxrebe; » Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:13 pm

This referee is a horses ass.
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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby youngbob » Sun Feb 23, 2020 6:52 pm

1st things 1st, if GAA want to get bums on seats during the summer this ref should never be given a whistle, by all means give him a flag and let him run up and down the sideline. He was absolutely shite
We have the makings off a good team here. Very pleased with the aggression we put in in the 2nd half. Limerick are a physical side and we stood up well to them. When Cooper dropped back HB in 2nd half it really solidified us and gave license to play a running game with Coleman in MF. I was hoping for more from Meade and O Flynn, also Collins must be more consistent with his puck outs, we can't be gifting the opposition with 2/3 scores a game. Hoggie is a master freetaker, he makes everything look so easy.
Our Achilles heel is our HF line not only can't win in the air but too often allow the opposition catch clean ball. Walsh was the best of our subs but that wouldn't be too hard for him as Lehane was anonymous and I don't see the point of bringing on a player in 69th min as the sideline did with C Cahalane.
Overall Limerick were the better side, Cork put in great fight in 2nd half. OLeary Hayes withstood a baptism of fire, Kingston is finding his own. Great to see Joycey getting back to IC level
Disappointed with the sideline bringing on Lehane before Twomey but it looks like this management are determined to stick with him come what may.
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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby stfrancis » Sun Feb 23, 2020 7:16 pm

Meade and O’Flynn are grand players when it’s an open field against a team who are like cork, lovely hurlers. Neither can start or should vs teams like limerick who are physical and well able to put it about. Both would be much better coming on when a game loosens out, Lehane is having a tough league.
Is Downey at 7 vs Limerick a specific thing vs Limerick or is he our full back, we seem to have ambled our way through another league campaign with loads of questions as always
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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby Sinbin » Sun Feb 23, 2020 7:28 pm

In all the recent hoo haa about introducing the black card to hurling, and knowledgeable hurling people coming out saying t'would destroy the game....well would those same knowledgeable hurling people please stand up and call out the referees who are destroying the game before our very eyes.

Cleere today turned that match into a game I do not recognise or understand. Similar last night in the Dublin Wexford game.

The ref today did not cost Cork the game....but he cost us all a hurling match.
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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby Dorcha » Sun Feb 23, 2020 7:52 pm

Breakin_ball wrote:This is hardly streamed anywhere lads?

A bit late now, as I'm just back from it, but it was the third deferred match on TG4. You can watch it on their iPlayer, if you're still interested in seeing it.
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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby Dorcha » Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:04 pm

Agreed on the ref; icky picky frees which stopped the game in full flow at times and frustrated the supporters.

Cork far too loose in the marking. I’ve heard of the other team having a spare man at their elbow for a pass , but at times today Limerick had three or four in a line waiting for a pass with never a Corkman in sight. Also they let Limerick take a short puckout whenever they liked, all bar one or two forwards having pulled away out the field. I cannot understand giving them free possession like this.

It was a dreadful first half for Cork. Limerick were miles faster and quicker to the ball, and able to pick out passes at will. In the second half Cork made it a little bit harder for them, but I never got the sense that Cork could win this, even after they scored the two goals, Limerick were scoring with such ease and lack of pressure.

Still the two goals were worth the viewing, although of different types. The first was a great solo and finish by Shane Kingston and the second a great fetch and strike by Aidan Walsh.
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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby tipp-ex » Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:26 pm

A mixture of good and bad, I thought Cadogan and the fb line in general were good. Most of the scores came from out the field. Our work rate was up a little but needs to be consistent, Limerick were our masters in the first half.
We're running out of games to nail on the middle part of the team. Time to go with Cadogan now at FB. Id put Downey at centre back, has filled out over the winter. Actually, Cork now have a big hurling team, we just need to start hitting fellas properly now. Id put Cooper back in MF, he spent way too much time at right half back today for me.
O'Flynn and Harnedy are off form, Harnedy is a bit of a concern. Meanwhile Kingston is playing well.

Whats the story with our puck out strategy? Its all over the place and cost us 0-3 at least today.
Also, the concession of 0-29 is hugely alarming. The footballers conceded 0-21 last night. That's 0-50 in the space of 18 hours for our senior teams. Are we defending at all in Cork anymore?
Stating the obvious here but the over reliance on Pa Horgan for scores is equally alarming. What happens if he got injured or sent off? And have we any other long range free taker? He has to come out from corner forward for everything within 120 yards, surely we can give someone else a go? He was doing the same v Westmeath, that was the time to put Dalton on em ffs. Many questions still to go. I still feel we're a bit behind Limerick and Tipperary come the summer. Waterford are improving under Cahill and Clare can upset anybody on their day. Munster is like a mini all Ireland and anybody could finish bottom of it.
We need to improve MORE
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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby cahirofcork » Sun Feb 23, 2020 9:38 pm

Horrible sense of deja vu watching the game today. First things first, I don't get Cleere's refereeing at all. Wildly inconsistent all the time, he shouldn't be left near a field. Hopefully this bullshit of trying O' Mahony in the backs will be put to rest now (but I doubt it). The man has no business in the half back line. Get him into the half forward line. Get Bill Cooper into midfield where he belongs. I thought the full back line held their own and with experience I think OLH can make a good corner back. Downey is worth a punt at 6, he has cutting and a bit of dog which is badly needed.

Our over reliance on Hoggy is frightening at this stage, we're goosed without him. In the last 10 minutes we reverted to type up front, unable to win any significant ball in the air, with Limerick defenders plucking the ball out of the air adnauseum. We brought on Lehane and he hardly touched it. I can't see where we are progressing with our failings, ball winning primarily. Our puckout strategy is laughable at times. Luke Meade was ineffective. The midfield picked was never going to win this game for us but as I said before, it's harder get off this panel than stay on it. We have too many guys simply not up to it physically and mentally. Today was the first time since I don't know when that I saw a Cork defender lay out a forward coming through on goal and the whole crowd practically snarled in approvement. It's something sadly missing from our game ( in both codes) for far too long. I really see us struggling to emerge from the round robin this year unless we see a radical change in thinking from the sideline because at the moment, it's not a whole lot different to last year.
Matty Hislop
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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby Matty Hislop » Sun Feb 23, 2020 9:42 pm

Cleere is a shocking referee. It's hard to imagine he is a KK man. It lead to a stop start game and he almost ruined it for the fans. With the Dublin/wexford game last night you'd be worried about the the standard of refereeing and what the people who review it are doing to the game. Most calls he got when he was far from the play were wrong I think for both teams. It wrecked my head.

Limerick are a very physical side, but I also think they have a dirty streak. There was lots of heavy, what looked like digs, going on with the spare hand. It's definitely a thing they do as a team as that all seemed to be at it. It looked like they wanted to send a clear message to Cork. This is not sour grapes, but I saw a good few 'punches' being used as a tackle by limerick. Anybody else notice this?

That aside, Cork were poor. Where to even start. Shocking in the first half and to be honest not much better in the second. So slow to come out from the back with the ball. A bit like UCC in the Fitzgibbon, Overplaying the ball, given limerick plenty of time to read where the ball would be heading. Puck outs were an absolute disaster. So predicable and way to high risk in coughing up scores. I don't think this is Collins fault as this is the game plan. We don't have the players to execute it. Bar Kingstons goal no forward ran at the limerick backs. Haven't seen one of Fitzgibbons trademark solos in a while. TOM gets blocked down way to easy and as a back this won't do as it can lead to scores. Just try him in the forwards. Harnedy hasn't played well in a while which is a worry. So much to work on.

Horgan from placed balls and Downey in general play were good. Cadogan to be fair is a warrior and will do a job. Walsh took his goal well and threw himself about. Did Lehane touch the ball when introduced? Why bring on Conor Calahane with 2 minutes to go?
Losing to Limerick by two playing badly should be a sign of progress but I think the scoreline flattered cork.
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Re: Cork Senior Hurling 2020

Postby tipp-ex » Sun Feb 23, 2020 10:35 pm

Once again we're kinda going around in circles as the league part draws towards the end. Like, tell me one single thing that we've learned from it? Or more specifically what have the selectors learnt?

That we have a competent Puck out strategy? Nope
That we have a nailed on full back? Nope
That we have a nailed on centre back? Nope
That we have a settled midfield? Nope
That we have a ball winning half forward line? Nope
That we have regular long range point scorers? Nope
That we play direct hurling? Nope
That we know where to play Tim Mahony? Not a fucking clue
That we know where to play Bill Cooper? Nope
That we have an alternate free taker to Hoggie? Nope

If your not 100% out to win the league and Cork haven't since the last century, then you go out to address your problem areas. We haven't

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