Cork U20 Football 2020

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Re: Cork U20 Football 2020

Postby Dorcha » Fri Mar 06, 2020 4:39 pm

Lurker wrote:
Dorcha wrote:That's what I suspect, as well, but with a quick search I wasn't able to find the early rounds of the competitions, but as you've noted, making it count at senior level is where we've constantly fallen down.

Munster GAA shows the earlier rounds back as far as 2009. We actually beat Kerry six years in a row at U21 from 2011-2016 -

Thanks. I do remember the bewildered frustration of Kerry supporters on their website during that time. We also had a bigger margin of victory over them (2011: Cork 2-24; Kerry 0-8) than they ever had over us (2017: Kerry 2-16; Cork 0-6). I remember a Kerry gligeen at that match urging on the troops to "break the record". It was some small satisfaction that they failed to do so.

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