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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby Dorcha » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:20 am

Very interesting stuff there BB. It inflated my balloon, only for Ranty to come along and stick a pin in it.

The word "insular" is interesting. McCarthy has, apparently, throughout his career, had to rely on himself and his own convictions a lot, considering he got no outside help. Perhaps he may yet realise that this can only take you so far and the experience of other people can be vital, too. I've always liked to learn from other people's mistakes rather than my own. It's less painful.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby Norrback » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:28 pm

Maurice Banks wrote:A few weeks before we beat Tyrone in 2009 Dublin met Kerry in the quarter-final. Kerry won by 17 points and Dublin's forwards scored all of their total of 1-7. Four of those forwards were Paul Flynn, Bernard Brogan, Alan Brogan and Diarmuid Connolly. They managed 4 points from play between them. Pat Gilroy compared Dublin to startled earwigs afterwards. The 17 point gap, the 1-7 scored and the "startled earwigs" give rise to an obvious comparison with Cork when they played Kerry this year.
Two years later about 10 of the Dublin players who played a part that day had All-Ireland medals. What this shows is that an astute manager like Pat Gilroy was able to change things sufficiently to get under-achieving players to raise their game to the highest level in a relatively short period of time. For our young players like Mark and Sean White, Kevin Flahive, Cian Kiely, Peter Kelleher, Michael Hurley, Sean Powter etc who must be asking themselves what they have gotten themselves into, this might give them hope that things can be turned around. We will need more than two years though.
Of course there is a huge underlying contrast as well between Cork and Dublin. Dublin's success then and now is the result of Croke Park getting involved in planning a strategy for Dublin GAA and we all know about the funding and other resources etc. that Dublin benefit from. They also have visionary people like John Costelloe heading things up. All of this has turned them into a juggernaut.
My hope now is that our new secretary will be a catalyst for long term change when it comes to the development of football in the county. I hope Croke Park, who are involved in the appointment process, have enough input to make sure whoever is appointed will treat both codes with equal respect. This appointment is vital to the future of Cork football.
Dublin have a long-term model in place that we can only aspire to. Whether we can achieve it or not, or have the will to achieve it or not, is down to our Board. Cairde Chorcai can provide a much-needed vehicle for fundraising. It would be great to know exactly how the money raised will be prioritised. Will it be for a centre of excellence, or coaching at all levels, or technology etc? We need them all but is it possible. The Dublin clubs contribute financially to the payment of the many GDA's they have working in the capital but many of their clubs have the advantage of having thriving bars which bring in plenty money.
Some changes are attainable easily enough if there is leadership at board level. The least our clubs could do to bring about improvement in our football standards is to vote in change in the championship structure, with group stages, a reduction in numbers at senior and relegation/promotion. Why we have Kerry lads among others playing for UCC and CIT in our county championship is a joke. Would Kerry have an IT Tralee team made up of 10 Cork lads playing in Kerry?
We need to look at getting our schools winning Corn Ui Mhuiri titles again. The schools who compete have to be supported. A rising tide raises all boats. If one school can be successful it could spread to the others and feed in to our county minor teams. Young lads' imaginations need to be captured and they need to think that playing Gaelic is the thing to do. Success will do that.
Going back to finding hope for our current young players who I mentioned above and who must be disillusioned, there is another county who turned things around in a short enough period of time. While we were the top team in 2010, Mayo lost in Connacht to Sligo and in the qualifiers were beaten by Longford. In James Horan's first championship game in charge the following year they came within a whisker of losing to London. They won in extra-time. Players such as Clarke, Vaughan, Barrett, Moran, Doherty, Aidan and Seamus O' Se, McLoughlin, Cillian O' Connor, Cafferkey, Higgins and Parsons played in at least one of those games and nearly all of them went on to win All-Stars this decade. They knocked Cork out the following year and were contesting the final the year after. Mayo had no long term strategy apparent like Dublin had but James Horan kick-started a change in Mayo's fortunes. As he said himself he looked to develop players with "honesty and integrity and no little skill."
He had a strained relationship with Mayo County Board but he got better resources for the players. He got Cian O' Neill and then Donie Buckley in as coaches. Barry Solan, the Arsenal Strength and Conditioning Coach is still in charge of S and C. Dr Ed Coughlan was brought in. Ronan McCarthy could do worse than pick up the phone and ask Horan how he went about things. Jim McGuinness of course is the obvious other manager who took on clubs and the board and delivered success in a complete turn around of fortunes.
Last Saturday's performance was indefensible and inexcusable. Maybe it has lanced the boil though and both long term and short term change will come about. Ronan McCarthy says he knows what is needed now and he can do something short term to turn things around. Hopefully our new secretary can start the long term improvements. Enough is enough at this stage.

Interesting point re Dublin v Kerry in 2009...did'nt remember it as a 17 point difference....I agree with all the other points above..particularly getting more schools in Cork needs a complete cultural of the biggest clubs in Cork with a catchment area larger than some counties, Douglas, is doing crap at football in the County League. Football needs to be the 'thing to do' the same way as rugby or soccer or even more. At least there has been a lot of discussion and interest in the Examiner and elsewhere so hopefully a comprehensive change is on the way
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby CORKFAN » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:55 pm

Ronan McCarthy true to his word met 22 players from the u20s and Juniors in Pairc Ui Rinn on Monday night...
Maurice Banks
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby Maurice Banks » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:01 pm

CORKFAN wrote:Ronan McCarthy true to his word met 22 players from the u20s and Juniors in Pairc Ui Rinn on Monday night...

Good to see something happening wherever it'll lead to.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby CORKFAN » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:53 pm

Yeah we just have no choice now only hope he can turn things around ...the reality and worry is McCarthy has been in the job almost one year was it not last August he was appointed ...nice early start and yet we had what look like the most ill prepared Cork team ever ….I was one that felt McCarthy would be better than Cuthbert and Healy yet we have regressed much worse in his first year results don't lie ….
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby breweryboy » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:48 am

my thoughts exactly CorkFan. I have nothing against Ronan McCarthy but its one thing getting a bunch of players together in July in preparation for the 2019 season, and its a completely different matter in how they will spend that time. Regardless of a change in players, if they're prepared in the same way our current bunch were, then I'm not sure what will change. Anyway look, hopefully it's the first steps on the road to recovery - next job for McCarthy is to implement an overall structure for the group that is up to modern intercounty standards
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby greatbleddyman » Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:23 am

Oh Christ..... It's just hit me.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby Twohands » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:50 pm

With reflexes like that GBM you could make the half forwards line yet. We need a few lads who can get onto breaking ball. :D
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby Ranty » Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:42 am ... -this-year

That hill in the Castle Grounds in Macroom wasn't so bad after all. Good man Larry.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2018

Postby Twohands » Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:10 pm

I was in Roscommon the day the supporter rushed at Larry. It was a chastening experience. If I remember right Corkery was sent off that day. But bad and all as it was at least they put up some sort of fight. We need players who want to win for Cork. What we seem to have are too many players who are happy to play for Cork. But we also need them prepared and set like a team that can win. The rush to talk about the players and to meet new ones without any accountability for tactics and preparation worries me.hard to win the loyalty needed to bond a team that way.

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