Cork Hurlers 2018

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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby Redadare » Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:08 pm

U21 game on Sat is of huge importance to future of Cork's chances at senior next year. Might sound a bit dramatic, but we so baldly need some new players that can fit in when needed, not like last Sunday. Pointless having sub's if their not in managers plan when we're in trouble. Strength of panel becoming vital as can be seen with Limerick.
At the start of this season,Limericks panel was regarded as strongest in Munster,,proved to be true. We came into Sunday with a team suffering a number of injuries, missing a seasoned defender and a proven scorer at corner forward. I have it good authority that one player got pain killing injection before game,which has to be a hindrance to anyone. Had we the players to slot in, no. So we have to build a serious panel and fast ,to cover injuries, extra games and possible extra time. U21 is the only place to find them in my opinion, club championship is just a maybe.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby jbm1 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:02 pm

Dust settled..Few observations.

1) Enda McEvoy observations for starters: a) Cork need to win an underage first to win a Senior &
b) Forwards win leagues, backs win championships

2) Disappointed with Diarmuid Sullivans analysis of the game...What were the selectors suppose to do.
Let Kearney, Fitzgibbon & Harnedy on, when it was obvious they could barely walk!!!

3) Throw in Alan Cadogan into the equation and not many teams could have handled losses of their calibre

4) I'm sorry to be harsh here, but we need to find a full back and a centre back. They must get Steve McDonald
back into the fold asap and with the likes of Millerick, O'Leary Hayes & Hennessy (to mention a few) coming through next year or the year
after, well, the sooner the better really.

5) Up to (and including now) we just don't have the panel of players available to us..I always felt these past 6/7 years, we were punching above our weight. Look
back at our teams, (and again not to sound too harsh), some of these lads were simply not All Ireland winning material.

6) I am confident that there is an Senior All Ireland in this team...Winning a U21 on August 25 would gives us impetus to drive
on for AI in 2019
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby tipp-ex » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:20 am

stfrancis wrote:Died with their boots on, cant ask for more effort imo. However game smarts and being hard nosed fuckers needs to be learnt. Also management need to forego the league in order to blood some of these super young u21s and minors we have developed. Limerick and kk have shown if trained correctly young players can make a huge difference. Better to have a cocky fast skillful young cork hurler coming on instead of a panel player in his mid late 20s who only sees 10 minutes every second game. Supplement the first 15 with new blood and hopefully we wil go further in 2019

Or 2119 when ill be a supporting wall of all weather use pitch out in Bishopstown cause social media says so
Matty Hislop
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby Matty Hislop » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:32 pm

Examiner reporting that Stephen McDonnell could be returning to the Cork set up in 2019. He would add great experience to the back line if true.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby Sinbin » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:37 pm

Matty Hislop wrote:Examiner reporting that Stephen McDonnell could be returning to the Cork set up in 2019. He would add great experience to the back line if true.

Would be a good start to deepening the panel.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby leesider » Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:24 pm

BluffersAlley wrote:
leesider wrote:Another bottle job by this team. Definitely a soft centre in them.

Very poor comment here, lost to a better team on the day simple as.

Not every loss is a bottle job as you'd call it.

These lads have given us a great year, another munster championship. Not the ultimate goal I know but can't take anything away from them.

I wouldn't agree. I think what I said is fair comment. This team have been in a winning position on numerous occasions in the last five years and failed to kill off the opposition each time. Last year against Waterford in the AI semi final. This year against Tipp we were nine points up and ended up drawing. They have now lost three AI semi finals since reaching the final in 2013. Saying "they have given us a great year, we won the Munster championship etc. " is just fooling yourself.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby Rebelbaggie » Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:03 am

After Limerick’s semi final victory Kiely was straight out pleading with supporters to keep an even keel because he knew the huge effect supporters can have. This lazy, knee jerk response by mostly armchair supporters to every Cork loss as being a bottle job is really self defeating and damaging for morale. Limerick were nine points up coming up to the final whistle last Sunday and nearly lost it. They were also wiped out in Ennis. Galway twice lost nine point leads to Clare. Tipp threw away a significant lead against Clare. Are they all bottle merchants?

Cork lost Fitzgibbon, Harnedy and Kearney in rapid succession and even though their withdrawals should have been predictable given their fitness levels before the game there was a complete hames made of how this was going to be dealt with. It looked like there was no plan at all. In the first sixty minutes Cork scored 1-26, 29 points. That’s practically a point for every two minutes. In the last ten minutes plus four minutes injury time Limerick scored seven points, the exact same rate of scoring. The problem was not our concession of scores but the fact that our own scores dried up. Our much criticised defence didn’t look like giving up goals either despite the fact the forwards were not able to hold onto possession and this was putting our defence under constant pressure.

We have lost cuteness on the sideline. Not just at senior level. When Evan Sheehan scored the equalising goal against Tipp for the minors last year a mentor ran onto the pitch hounding the ref for a replay and distracting his team when there was a game to be won. Not surprisingly Tipp almost scored. Teams reflect management. The panic we saw in the closing stages of the semi final out on the pitch stemmed from indecision and lack of trust on the line. I don’t believe management has kept the whole panel onside and this has affected their confidence. In my view we had perfectly adequate substitutes for getting the job done but how are you supposed to react when you’re sent out to play in one position and then almost immediately sent somewhere else or taken off and put on again? Galway lost four similar key players in their semi and got through and their bench in my view was not as strong as ours especially in defence.

Look at how Kiely managed Dowling. Clearly he knew as a sub that his manager had faith in him. Do ours? For years John Fenton and Jerry O’Connor were bit part players for Cork until management learnt to trust them. Now they’re legends.

It isn’t just players who need bottle. Management and supporters have fair old roles to play too.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby tipp-ex » Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:49 pm

Interesting post, has some merit I feel.
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby Tanora » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:35 am

Provisional league fixtures are out. Kilkenny away up first ... 84095.html
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Re: Cork Hurlers 2018

Postby Dorcha » Wed Sep 05, 2018 11:42 am

Thanks, Tanora.

To tidy it up a bit from a Cork perspective -

Round 1
27-01-2019 @ 2.00 pm
Kilkenny V Cork

Round 2
03-02-2019 @ 2.00pm
Cork V Wexford

Round 3
16-02-2019 @ 7.00pm
Cork V Clare

(So we won't be going to Ennis!)

Round 4
Limerick v Cork

Round 5
Cork V Tipperary

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