County convention December 10

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Re: County convention December 10

Postby Ranty » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:01 pm

tipp-ex wrote:

Whos telling lies? Tracy with another story to Peter McKenna's

To which McKenna said in anticipation......... sweet loving Jesus and the patron saint of Morris Minors.
“In order to stem the debt or put a shape to it, we needed an experienced management team involved. I think if it wasn’t an aligned set-up you’d be talking about a receivership or something like that. The ability to pay that amount of money back wasn’t there, but that’s not how we operate as an organisation.”
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Re: County convention December 10

Postby tipp-ex » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:07 pm

Just in time -

CORK COUNTY BOARD secretary/CEO Kevin O’Donovan has admitted that the county is at “crisis-point” financially, but he is confident that measures taken will improve the landscape for 2020.

Ahead of the annual convention of Sunday, 8 December, O’Donovan, chairperson Tracey Kennedy and treasurer Diarmuid Gowen attended a press conference on Friday evening to discuss the report.

O’Donovan didn’t attempt to airbrush the deficit for the year of €559,058. A drop in gate receipts of nearly €200,000 and a fall of €49,000 for the Cork GAA Clubs’ Draw affected income while there was a €90,000 increase in administration expenses and O’Donovan accepted that it was unsustainable.

“We are at crisis-point,” he said.

“Crisis is a dangerous word, but we can’t have another year like this. Yes, our reserves are secure but it’s not sustainable to continue with losses indefinitely.

“The drop in attendances was huge this year. You look back and see if there was a notable difference in how the games were run and I didn’t see that. Yes, shutting down for the summer is killing us because of our nature as a dual county.

“Crashing games into August and September weekends, with only supporters of those teams present – you can forget about games as a neutral anymore, because they’re all on at the same time – that’s killing us.

“We were unfortunate that there weren’t replays in county finals or semi-finals but that’s not something we should be budgeting for, that should be a bonus.

“Next year, anywhere we can find space for a game without county players, in round two of a three-game series, we’re playing that game in July. We know guys have J1s and so on, we will give a fixture programme in December so they can plan accordingly.

“But it is a summer game, it is a community game, it was not a game invited for floodlights in the freezing cold, where children can’t go. It is a summer game – it’s grand to go to the county final in October but not grand to be going to a second-round game in mid-September, when we’re all back to school.”

In 2018, Chill Insurance paid Cork €400,000 but this figure was €330,000 for 2019.

“Our sponsors are brilliant supporters but new deals are now performance-related,” O’Donovan said.

“While our underage teams were successful, it’s not linked to that, it’s linked to the success of the senior teams.

“While the footballers had a good year, we didn’t get to All-Ireland semi-finals in either code and that’s where we need to be pitching up to maximise sponsorship.

“We do need more commercial partners, we are behind the curve with other counties in that. There will be a commercial manager appointed in the medium term, possibly shared with the stadium, possibly in a role with [fundraising body] Cairde Chorcaí, but that has got to come urgently.

“You might that if we’re running losses then the last thing we need is staff, but we need people who can generate revenue.”
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Re: County convention December 10

Postby Ranty » Fri Nov 29, 2019 11:41 pm

'tipp' That's disturbing news but hardly surprising.
Times they are a changing, and the days when parish rivalries drew hordes of spectators for the blood battle
have been replaced by those same spectators now watching, Villa, Sheffield United, and a host of other soccer
clubs on SKY and other cross channel stations.
It looks like concerts and other events, even that horrible egg ball game will be the main source of income
in the future.
I doubt if rule changes and new game changes will improve the product enough to encourage people away from
the box in the corner and VAR,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,OMG :lol:
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Re: County convention December 10

Postby tipp-ex » Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:33 am

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Re: County convention December 10

Postby Ranty » Sat Nov 30, 2019 12:39 pm

tipp-ex wrote:Report to Convention -

https://sportlomo-userupload.s3.amazona ... c91d56.pdf

What does one have to do to get slated by the 'rúnaí' ?
He takes us to the lowest ebb that Cork senior football has gone in my lifetime and gets praise for his ' continued
dedication and leadership' .
Bull sugar of the highest order, and wait 'till we see the attendance figures next year when we are obliged to entertain
Division 3 football teams in the stadium of Frank's dreams? Gimme a break.

Many thanks to Ronan McCarthy and his backroom team for his continued dedication and leadership
when navigating stormy waters in the early part of the year.
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Re: County convention December 10

Postby tipp-ex » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:00 pm

I cant find any report from last nights Convention, besides the following from midweek. I notice Bobs name is finally gone completely

Full list of officers to be ratified at Convention:
Uachtarán: Michael Barry (Delany’s)
Cathaoirleach: Tracey Kennedy (Killeagh)
Leas-Cathaoirleach: Marc Sheehan (Aghabullogue)
Cisteoir: Diarmuid Gowen (Fermoy)
Runaí: Kevin O’Donovan (Kilmeen/Kilbree)
Oifigeach Caidreamh Poiblí (PRO): Joseph Blake (Adrigole)
Oifigeach Oiliúna (Coaching Officer): Ronan Dwane (Aghada)
Oifigeach Forbartha (Development Officer): Pat Horgan (Midleton)
Oifigeach Gaeilge/Cultúir: Risteard Ó Murchú (Lyre)
Oifigeach Leanaí (Children’s Officer): Des Cullinane (Glen Rovers/St. Nick’s)

Central Council Delegate: Tracey Kennedy
Munster Council Delegates: Gerard Lane (Bride Rovers), Michael Byrne (Ballyhea)

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