Cork Footballers 2019

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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby Ranty » Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:41 pm

I wouldn't panic either as conditions were brutal. Wet and kinda windy and the ball a bar of soap.
We could have done with that Project Co-ordinator and maby the High Performance Director as well.
The Talent Development Manager was nowhere to be seen so there was nobody to synergise between the GDA's and
the media liaison officer.
I will report in full in a few hours after I fill the bread basket and get over the disappointment of losing to Clare.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby greatbleddyman » Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:57 pm

Don't accept that...... These lads have grown up dreaming of the McGrath cup. This was the cumulation of their years of training. They have shown they are not up to it. No one playing today should every get a red jersey again. Disgrace
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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby Podsy » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:27 pm

greatbleddyman wrote:Don't accept that...... These lads have grown up dreaming of the McGrath cup. This was the cumulation of their years of training. They have shown they are not up to it. No one playing today should every get a red jersey again. Disgrace

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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby CORKFAN » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:26 pm

Ranty I am looking forward to that report ….a friend of mine who lives in that part of the world said that Clare finished that game with almost there full team ...Cork played an 18 year old and an 19 year old plus 8 more 20/21 year olds good to see ….maybe I am mad but I think we will be better this year than last year ...the Leauge is the biggest competition for Cork this year.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby Ranty » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:42 pm

G.B.M. You're a hard man to please. :lol:

Like I said, and they were the same for both teams, conditions were nasty. Foggy, wet and windy but a well prepared pitch. Proper digital score board and dug outs etc. Only negative was the tannoy system. Loud and unintelligible.
Cork lined out as per programme but sub No 26 was Blake Murphy instead of Brian Hurley.
Clare played with the strong breeze in the 1st half and Gary Brennan at No 14 opened the scoring with an early point.
Cian Kiely our No 12 replied with a nice one from 30 yards out on the wing. 5 minutes gone and we thought we would have
a high scoring game. We were so wrong.
This hand pass limit has the effect of shoring up defences and the forwards of both teams are smothered up long before the 4th
pass. Backs are tipping it around without any pressure and then when they reach shooting range the smothering starts.
The next score was a fluke. 10 minutes in and one of the Clare forwards, No 11 David O Halloran 9 (i think) kicked a tame enough
shot in which our unfortunate Keeper Chris Kelly thought was going over the bar to his left but it went straight to his net. It was an unfortunate error in judgement as he didn't even attempt to go for the ball. There is probably a good reason which we couldn't see from the stand as he was unchallenged. He has a fine kick out and saved the only other shot in his direction late on to stop Clare from winning by 1-3 instead of 3 points.
Clare led at half time by 1-3 to 0-3 in a stop start affair that had lots of mistakes and turn overs mainly due to the slippery conditions and a ball like a bar of soap.
Clare brought in 2 subs on the restart, Sean O Donoghue and local man Keelan Sexton who had a huge influence on the game. He kicked 2 long frees over as well as one from close range, and a beauty from play. The same guy scored 1-2 or 1-3 in Mallow last year and would have won the cup only for a late fluky goal by Sherlock. They got their own fluky one today to prove that what goes around, comes around.
Ronan McCarthy was very slow to introduce subs but eventually Damien Gore replaced Sherlock who was less than effective and that's being charitable. He will have better days. Gore did very well, scored one from play and kicked over a testing free from 30 metres.
Tadg Corkery, Nathan Walsh and Kevin O Donovan (Nemo) followed replacing Liam O Donovan, Stephen Cronin and Aidan Browne, and young Blake Murphy got his call to arms close to the end and didn't disgrace himself. He's a strapping young man and we look forward to seeing more of him.
Mid way through the 2 nd half and Clare still led by 3. The subs made a difference and Cork upped the tempo. Mark Collins scored a free which he earned himself and then a nice one from play. Peter Kelliher the 'fahach' from Kilmichael scored a beauty with his left from distance and we were all square with 10 minutes left.
Then misfortune struck when James Fitzpatrick accidentally did a necklace job on one of the Clare backs and got sin binned. I didn't see a replacement so we presume he was the 1st victim of the new rules.
From the resultant free out the ball found it's way to Gary Brennan on the 40 and he footballed his way around a few Cork young lads before landing a great leading point. The stand was rocking now and before they had time to settle they went 2 points up when Sexton slotted a dubious free. The Reiteór Padraig O Sullivan was guilty of a small bit of Kerryness when the occasion presented itself but sure that don't surprise us anymore.
Cork now went forward in droves and lashed a few high hail marys on top of Kelliher but the Clare backs held out and their No 6 Dean Ryan in receipt of a hasty clearance, soloed the length of the field to fist over the clincher from close in.
1-9 to 0-9 and Clare just about deserved to win. Who is to say what the result would be if that fluky goal didn't exist?
Of the newcomers on show, Peter Murphy did well at No 3 as did Aidan Browne at No 4 even if he is more of a half back.
Liam O Donovan Clon is a good footballer but maby not big enough for the top game, yet anyway. No 6 Tom Clancy Clon was guilty of a
few hospital passes but is an elegant footballer in full flow. No 7 (Cpt) Stephen Cronin has had better days and the conditions didn't suit his game today.
Mid fielder Ronan O Toole was very impressive and more than held his own against Cathal O Connor who some regard as Clare's top midfielder.
John O Rourke didn't score but worked his ass off and might still hold his place on the panel at least. Eoghan McSweeney from Knocknagree didn't do his chances any harm today and even if he didn't score he did nothing wrong either. Cian Kiely at No 12 passed today's exam with flying colours and his point early on was a classy bit of work.
Mark Collins wore No 13 but it could have been any number from 2 to 15 as he roamed all day. Made a good contribution with one point from play and another from a free. Again this new clogged up defence system will not suit Mark as he can't make space for himself in confined areas.
Peter Kelliher had a fine game even if he lost the very first ball that came his way which full back Brennan gobbled up. After that, the Kilmichael man bossed his patch and was responsible for a good many scores. He's a strong 'taghaire'.
Our team probably aren't physical enough to make much of an impression this year but unlike the past few years I don't think any team will shame them. Can't ask for any more than that.
Our thanks to the good lady who owns and runs The Dolphins Restaurant in down town Milltown Malbay who supplied at very reasonable cost the best B.L.T. and chips west of the Shannon and also filled us in on how her town got it's name. She told us that way back in the days of the druids Mal was the word used to describe the ocean and milling was a huge part of life in West Clare. Hence 'Milltown Malbay'.

Now go pick the team for the long trek to Fermanagh in two weeks.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby CORKFAN » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:25 pm

Thanks Ranty fair play to you a great report as per for Fermanagh ..
Mark White
Sam Ryan James Loughrey Nathan Walsh
Cian Kiely Tom Clancy Paul Walsh
Ian Maguire Ronan O Toole
Mark Collins Eoghan McSweeney Tomas Clancy
Luke Connolly Ruairi Deane Brian Hurley....
subs..Chris Kelly, Kevin Flahive, Conor Dennehy, Aidan Browne, Kevin O Donovan, Killian O Hanlon, James Fitzpatrick, Paul Kerrigan, Peter Kelleher, Damien Gore , Sean White....
others like Mattie Taylor, young Corkery great lad this fella, John O Rourke and more to get game time in other wont be easy this year but I can see a panel developing …..a win in Fermanagh would be worth gold !
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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby Ranty » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:05 pm

The Standing Committee on Playing Rules is comprised of:

David Hassan (Chair), Tracy Bunyan (Sec), Pat Daly, Seamus Kenny, Brian Cuthbert, Michael Delaney, David Collins, Alex McQuillen, Frank Murphy.

The following proposals were accepted and thus will go ahead to be trailed.

Only three successive handpasses allowed, after which the ball must be kicked.

An advanced 'mark', other than in set player, a player will be awarded a 'mark' for making a clean catch from a kick that has travelled 20 metres and from outside the '45. The player will have 15 seconds to kick it.

Sideline kicks must go forward, except those from inside the oppositions 20-metre line.

All kick-outs must be taken from the 20-metre line and must pass the '45.

The black card is replaced by a 'sin bin.'

There are five rule changes proposed. They are:

Proposal (1)

Handpass - To introduce a restriction of three consecutive passes of the ball with the fist or open hand by players of the team in possession.

Proposal (2)

Sideline Kick

That the ball shall be played in a forward direction from the kick.


In the case of a side-line kick being taken by an attacking player on or inside the opponents’ 13m line, the ball may be kicked in any direction.
Proposal (3)

The Mark – To extend the application of the Mark to the clean catching of the ball on or inside the 20m line from a kick delivered on or beyond the 45m line without it touching the ground.

In the case of a Mark being awarded to an attacking player on or inside the 20m line, the free, if availed of, shall be taken from the point on the 20m line directly in line where the Mark is awarded.

In the case of a Mark being awarded to a defending player on or inside the 20m line, the free kick, if availed of, shall be taken from the point where the Mark is awarded.

The application of the Mark in the two areas of it arising (i.e. as in current Rule and in new Proposal) shall be standardised as follows:

- Up to 15 seconds shall be allowed for a free to be taken from a Mark.

- If the Referee determines that the player who makes the Mark has been injured in the process and unable to take the kick, the Referee shall direct the player’s nearest team mate to take the kick.

- A score may be made from a free awarded for a Mark.

- The normal Rules governing free-kicks shall apply (e.g. players being 13m from the ball before it is kicked).


A free-kick from a Mark shall be taken from the hand(s) only.

If a player opts to ‘play on’ when awarded a Mark, he may be challenged i.e. provisions (b) (i) and (ii) of the current Mark Rule shall not apply during the experimentation.

Proposal (4)

Sin-Bin – The Penalty on the day for a Black Card Infraction or two Yellow Card Infractions - an ordering off for ten minutes in a Sin Bin.

A subsequent Black Card Infraction shall be penalised by the showing of a Black Card followed by a Red Card.

A subsequent Yellow Card Infraction shall be penalised by the showing of a Yellow Card followed by a Red Card.

In either case there shall be no substitution allowed.

The maximum number of substitutions in normal time to return to five.

The Duties of a Referee and Sideline Official to be amended in accordance with this Proposal.
Proposal (5)


For a kick-out, two players only from each team shall be positioned between the two 45m lines.

The goalkeeper and a maximum of six players from each team shall be behind the respective 45m lines, until the ball is kicked.

The ball from the kick-out shall travel beyond the 45m line before being played by a player of the defending team.

Other Rules relating to the kick-out to remain unchanged.


(1) For another player on the team taking a kick-out to play the ball before it has travelled outside the 45m line or has been played by an opposing player.


(i) Cancel kick-out

(ii) Throw in the ball on defenders’ 20m line in front of the scoring space.

(2) For a player to cross a 45m line before the ball is kicked for the kick-out.

(3) For a player(s) to, in the opinion of the referee, deliberately seek to delay the kick-out by not retreating behind the 45m lines in a timely manner.

Penalty for the above Fouls:

A 45m free off the ground and in front of the scoring space shall be awarded to the opposing team.

(4) For a player(s) of each team to simultaneously cross the 45m line(s) before the ball is kicked from the kick-out:


A throw-in ball shall be awarded on the centre of the 45m line involved or at the centre of the field (if infringements are made on both 45m lines).
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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby Ranty » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:35 pm

We have posted the above just for reference and to highlight the total stupidity of a few of them proposed rules.
Yesterday in Milltown Malbay there was at least 5 or 6 short kick outs taken by both teams and in all cases went unpunished.
The long kickouts where only 2 players from each team can be within the 2 45 meter lines was totally ignored by both teams
and ignored by réiteoir O Sullivan.
The penalties for some of these infractions take the biscuit.
A defender can claim his "advanced mark" from a clean catch if ball is kicked from outside the 45 and has travelled 20 metres but he's
expected to take his free kick within 15 seconds or else he's penalised. Think about that one lads.

I'm not a huge fan of Sligo man Sweeney in the S'indo but he does hit the nail on the head now and again. He quotes our beloved
Chair on one of her recent statements where she said " our sense of Corkness has been threatened" and rightly described her statement as meaningless waffle.
She was hardly an inspiring leader for Cork GAA and it's senior football team yesterday as she paraded the sideline in her multi coloured
beret and red wellies. Her 'Corkness' was well and truly tested yesterday and I suspect will suffer a few more tickles before she fades away from the scene. I'm not blaming her for the decline in Cork football but these 'ráméish' utterances do nothing for football progress.

I still think our troubles all started that day last year when they opened the Pairc with step dancing on grass............. :lol:
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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby Dorcha » Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:49 pm

Many thanks Ranty for an (as always) interesting report. Also thanks for setting out the new rules in a manner even I can understand.

I don't think the "three hand-pass" rule will make even the first cut. All the managers seem to be against it and it appears to be a backs dream, besides which It does not appear to be improving the game itself.
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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby Lurker » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:41 am

Great report as always Ranty. I don't have much to add to that really other than give Eoghan McSweeney back his point that you took off him :) (he kicked the first equaliser during our mini revival in the second half). He also played some lovely passes including the one for Gore to pop over after his introduction.

I wasn't as impressed as you with some of the performances, mainly O'Rourke and Kiely and felt O'Toole (a bit sleepy at times) and Kelleher were mixed bags. That's the nature of it though, perhaps I missed some good things they did.

Overall I'd agree with most of the positives, the backs in general showing well, particularly Murphy (difficult task on Brennan in the first half), O'Donovan and I felt Tom Clancy had a very good second half. I think it was Clancy who was harshly judged to have fouled for what looked like a fair interception for the dubious (and crucial) free you mentioned.

Collins and McSweeney were our creative sparks and with a few more finishers in the side (capable of winning 70/30 balls in their favour) there might be some hope yet. Gore looked promising but we didn't have enough scoring power really.

I think you summed up Kelly's error very well, it wasn't even an awkward one to deal with. Only he knows what happened. White had a couple of howlers in the same fixture last year and went on to have a pretty good season, so all is not lost. Kelly's kickouts were very precise to be fair.

Seeing as we've entered the business of plugging some local establishments, Cogan's was also a lovely spot for food and a warm welcome.

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