Cork Footballers 2019

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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby Sinbin » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:14 pm

Fascinating report there Ranty...your ruminations about Cork football are always welcome and well worth reading, if not altogether encouraging...but hey, we won't shoot the messenger.

I was interested in hearing viewpoints on the proposed rule changes as I haven't seen a football match myself since they were introduced, but I haven't heard or learned anything conclusive from those who have...all seems a bit a la carte in that some people like some bits of some rules but the menu itself is disappointing.

What I have learned though, and what will stand to me forever, is how Miltown Malbay got its name and I look forward to smugly answering that question in a pub quiz some day!
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Re: Cork Footballers 2019

Postby Ranty » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:10 pm

Thanks for the thumbs up lads.
Lurker, I was wiping the mist off my glasses when McSweeney scored so I stand corrected. Please accept my apologies Eoghan.
The fella with me thought he was a bit overweight but a decent prospect.
Glad to further your education Sinbin. I used to visit that little town many years ago on business, but never thought of asking
anybody how the second barrel came about.
Clare is a nice county and I must visit Córa Caithlín some day soon for a chat with D.F. :lol:

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