Club Rankings

Nemo Ranger
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Club Rankings

Postby Nemo Ranger » Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:09 pm

With the year almost over how would your club rank in the County?

Some clubs exceeded expectations. Some clubs has bad years.

Open to opinions and we won’t all agree but here is mine.

1. Nemo Rangers
2. St.Finbarrs
3. Cill na Matra
4. Kiskeam
5. Douglas
6. Mallow
7. St.Michaels
8. Eire Og
9. Castlehaven
10. Newcestown
Ilen Rovers Knocknagree Newmarket Kilshannig
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Re: Club Rankings

Postby tipp-ex » Sat Nov 16, 2019 2:43 pm

Speaking of rankings...

Kilshannig are headed for defeat in the Munster Junior Club V Na Gaeil, currently down 2-10 to 2-3 with 6 minutes left.

I had a look at both county league tables to get a bit of perspective here and compare.

Na Gaeil are currently 10th in Senior Football D1.

Kilshannig, having won the junior county here, are behind 53 clubs teams that operate above them (in the leagues). Yes I know its bloated and it will be worked upon over the next few years but as it stands, as a rough guide, its 10th best v 54th best. Hardly a level playing field
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Re: Club Rankings

Postby Lurker » Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:20 pm

I think we need to strive towards three basic Championships...

Senior (the new version kicking off in 2020)
Intermediate (the so called Senior B clubs combined with the Premier Intermediate clubs)
Junior (the current Junior A clubs combined with the Ordinary Intermediate clubs)

I was at both the KIlshannig and Éire Óg games this weekend and it's lambs to the slaughter at the moment. Only Knocknagree have won such a fixture against Kerry opposition this decade, and even that took an equaliser for the Cork side with the last kick of normal time.
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Re: Club Rankings

Postby Ranty » Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:29 pm

Me too Lurker and it's a sad tale.
For me the stand out feature between Kerry footballers and our lot is coaching.
Time and again in both matches we saw the Kerry lads protect the ball when tackled and
they simply will not cough up possession easily.
Most of them can slither out of tackles and will always take the extra steps which are rarely punished.
The short passing of the Templenoe lads today was close to perfection and their kicking wasn't too dusty either.
On a positive note I thought Ronan O Toole was very good and that is something to take out of the day anyway.
Sheehan didn't have a huge impact but looks fit and eager.

I can't understand why Harry O Reilly the Eire Og trainer would go on C 103 yesterday evening and tell us that Colm O Callaghan was fit
and would be starting. Who is he trying to cod? O Callaghan came on in the 2nd half when the bloody game was over.
I will never understand why parents bring young children to matches on a freezing cold day in the winter and allow them to screech
and roar all day in close proximity to patrons in the stand who have paid for the enjoyment of watching their teams.

In fairness to Eire Og, their stewarding and general management of this fixture was top class, but loving Jasus my poor old head
is bursting from the constant barrage of school yard high jinks.

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